Treatment For:

Abuse |Domestic Violence |Academic Difficulties |Anger | Anxiety |Career Indecisions | Career Counseling |Depression | Family of Origin Concerns | Identity Development | LGBTQ concerns | Racial/Cultural Stress | Relationship Concerns (family, friend, intimate) | Self-Esteem, Stress Management | Women’s Issues (assertiveness, boundary setting, self-care) | Work-Life Balance


Strategies Used:

Collaborative | Strengths Based | CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Interpersonal | Relaxation Techniques | Mindfulness | Behavior Management | Coping Skills Training


Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults.

I work with you/or your children on implementing a Cognitive-Behavioral approach -

that focuses on identifying problematic thoughts, behaviors, and relationship patterns and work on implementing healthy changes to make within each of these areas.


Finally, we work on how to implement these changes into daily aspects of your life. The goals help to reduce stress, expand coping skills, and improve behavioral and mental health.

Couples Therapy

Couples often seek therapy because they are experiencing distress related to problems with communication, sexual dissatisfaction, and general dissatisfaction in their relationship. In addition, couples also frequently experience stress in their relationships when their child or children are experiencing problems. I am able to help couples understand, identify and cope with the issues affecting their relationship.


Family Therapy

As children grow and enter new phases in their lives, parents and children may need help to explore ways of coping with these changes. I work with families and/or with a parent and a child to help them learn how to navigate transitions, communicate effectively, and develop an empathic, secure connection.

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