How a Mediator Can Help

Divorce is stressful.


I am here to help couples engage in the divorce process by

focusing the dialogue, resolving disputes,


providing solutions.

I can help you maintain normalcy for your children, keep your sanity, and save money during your divorce.


As a certified divorce mediator, I can help you finalize the divorce through the mediation process so that you can file your divorce and move on with your life.

Benefits of

Divorce Mediation

Quick and Amicable

Mediation is quicker than going through the courts. I can help you navigate the entire process - child support, child custody, division of assets, debts, and alimony. Mediation is the quickest and most amicable way to go through the divorce process and one of the best choices that you can make under the circumstances, for you and for your family.


There is no need for divorce to be expensive and for you to have to spend time and energy in an agonizing process. There is a way for both of you to handle the process through mediation, in a reasonable manner and be able to move on with your lives. Make the right choice and do not let your anger or frustration take decisions away from you.

Flexible &  Confidential

Mediation offers flexibility in the settlement and will allow you to make sensible financial and parental decisions rather than putting your assets and kids in the hands of the court. The process is 100% confidential and you will find great relief in knowing that you are
engaging in a sensible process that will allow you to make decisions that are good for you and your family.


$250 per hour

Memorandum of Understanding: Flat fee of $400

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