About Tamara Payne, LCSW


Tamara Payne, LCSW

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed? Is it having an impact on how you feel about yourself, your work, and your relationships? I understand how life can get stressful. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I have two decades of experience. I would like to start the journey of finding peace and tranquility with you. We will start the healing process from the inside, so it is not just putting a Band-Aid on the wound. I believe in providing a safe, warm, empathetic space so that we can work together through your journey and achieve the happiness that you desire.

I focus on working with individuals - including children, adolescents, adults, or couples - who may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, divorce, addiction, or relational conflict. During this time, we work together to explore feelings and eliminate dysfunctional patterns of behavior to help you achieve your individual therapeutic goals.

In addition, during this time of COVID-19, many people have been directly impacted by the pandemic - whether it is through the loss of a job or contracting the virus. As a psychotherapist, I can work through
these stressors with you.

I use proven techniques to help clients develop life strategies to improve relational patterns. I use a collaborative tailored individualized approach that includes using eclectic techniques such as interpersonal counseling and CBT. If you need help with your child, adolescent, or marital conflict, I welcome you to contact me for a free phone consultation.

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